About OpenUnited

Product Management x Talent Marketplace, in one platform!

We aspire to:

  1. Power the co-creation of valuable digital products, at scale.
  2. Connect digital talent with new opportunities for collaboration and growth.

The public instance of our platform at openunited.com aims to enable millions of contributors - from Nigeria to Nicaragua - to develop digital products together, demonstrating skills and building valuable portfolios of verified work in the process.

OpenUnited aligns and incentivises talented contributors of all kinds, to collaborate in digital product development.

Products, challenges and initiatives are clearly explained and it is simple and compelling to contribute. The platform includes review processes, ratings and other mechanisms that promote excellent outcomes for all stakeholders.

As bounties are successfully completed, contributors build a rich portfolio and earn points that boost status and provide other benefits.

Our Mission

At OpenUnited, we believe that by developing together, we can achieve unparalleled outcomes. We’re here to disrupt the status quo and redefine the landscape of collaborative digital product development.

For Contributors

Solve real-world challenges on open products. Build a rich, public portfolio of your work as a product manager, software developer and more.

Benefits of Contributing

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up on our platform.
  2. Browse through products and challenges.
  3. Claim and complete bounties, and celebrate your achievements with the world.

For Enterprise Customers

Product Management x Talent Marketplace, in one platform.

The same OpenUnited platform that powers openunited.com is also available to enterprise customers wanting to unlock significant value with existing talent.

Deployed within your company, the OpenUnited platform can be leveraged as a fully branded internal product management and talent marketplace platform, transcending organisational and geographic boundaries.

Unlock significant value by capturing and developing the untapped potential of your employees, channelling this previously lost value into the asynchronous co-creation of digital products.

Provide opportunities for individuals to find meaningful new challenges, develop new skills, and to create new connections in your company.

Boost the happiness and retention of your employees whilst developing valuable new assets, with OpenUnited.